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Saturday, August 21, 2021
All times shown are in Pacific Time

8:45 AM PT     |    Introduction

             Mark Pimentel, MD               


9:00 AM PT     |   Small Bowel Microbiome: The Last Frontier

             Mark Pimentel, MD     

9:30 AM PT     |   The Impact of the Intestinal Microbiome on Gut Physiology During Severe Acute Malnutrition

             Ian Carroll, PhD

10:00 AM PT   |   Malnutrition, Gastroenteritis and the Microbiome

             Mark Riddle, MD

10:30 AM PT   |   Aging and the Small Bowel Microbiome

            Ruchi Mathur, MD

11:00 AM PT   |   Updates on C. difficile and Microbiome

            Sahil Khana, MD

11:30 AM PT   |   Functional Bowel Disease and the Microbiome

             Ali Rezaie, MD

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